How to Maintain a Certain Weight

How to Maintain a Certain Weight

One of the most important things to do when you lose weight is maintaining that weight lost.
You are looking forward to finally going back to your regular diet, but wait! wasn`t that the reason you were overweight to start with?

You want to enjoy eating again, but you do not want to regain the weight you worked so hard to lose.

Only half of the battle is won when you achieve your target weight.
You feel good and look good, but now you shift from a short term activity to a long term one.
In some ways, time factor makes it difficult to maintain your ideal weight over a longer period than it was to initially lose weight.
I did not want to go off my diet after losing 40 pounds because i did not want to regain the weight i had worked so hard to lose.
I actually lost an additional 15 pounds than i needed to because i was hesitant to stop dieting.

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The realization that i could enjoy eating and not gain weight is what got me back to my ideal weight and maintaining that weight.

The whole key to enjoying life and maintaining a certain weight is substitution rather than sacrifice.
You need to make long term lifestyle changes and be OK with those changes.
There is nothing more difficult than trying to maintain a diet that comprises of foods that you are not pleased with.
Sooner or later, you will just get tired of sacrificing which is the reason why you need to concentrate on foods that you enjoy and are healthy.
There are many foods that will maintain your weight loss and are healthy, these foods include grilled meat or sea food, eggs, beans, low fat yogurt, most vegetables.
dark chocolate, and nuts just no mention a few.

In most cases, what makes a certain food unhealthy is the way it is prepared, thus, by making a few adjustments you can still maintain your weight loss and enjoy the foods that you like.
You can try grilled chicken instead of enjoying fried chicken.

I also cannot emphasize enough how significant it is to evaluate why you eat and what you eat.

There are many reasons people eat, with hunger being only one reason.
If you eat ice cream every time you get depressed, try eating something that you like that is healthy or perhaps go for a walk.
If you have a pet, take them for a walk.
My pit bull just loves to go for a walk and i cannot think of something that makes me feel great than playing with him, hence i focus on that activity rather than seeing how much i can eat.

I also have tried to substitute all the things i enjoyed with healthier alternatives.

I substitute nuts for chips, whole grain bread for white bread, wine for beer, or Canadian bacon for American bacon.
It is fine to sometimes go of your diet as long as you can compensate for it and you keep close tabs on what your weight is so you do not gain back the weight you worked so hard to get off.
When i first shifted from losing weight to maintaining the weight loss, i gained weight each time i traveled and then i would resort to a very restricted diet for a week after i return to get back to my ideal weight.

It worked but after doing this a few times i got tired of it and started evaluating everything i ate when i was on travel.
You start to make choices and quickly learn which foods which foods are worth making sacrifice when you eat them.
I now do not have those delicious rolls they serve at restaurants before they serve the meal because it is not worth the weight gain.

At some point you actually change and really do not miss some of the unhealthy things you ate.

The thing i concentrate on is all the things i can do and the extra i have for maintaining a healthy life style.
It is possible to maintain a certain weight, eat healthy and also enjoy life.
Remember every decision you make has an end result.

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